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    Person tracking and Behaviour Analysis


Analysis of large amounts of multimedia information in real time and batch. Person, objects and behaviour detection and analysis.
Our solutions make use of Big Data technologies to deliver high performance and accuracy.

Custom Made
Big Data

What are the benefits

Multimedia data mining refers to the analysis of large amounts of multimedia information in order to find patterns or statistical relationships.
Multimedia data mining has a number of uses in today’s society.

Why to choose us

Detecting persons and object of interest. Detecting suspicious behaviour.

Tracking and monitoring persons or objects on different streams, cameras, locations. Behaviour tracking and analysis. Behaviour alerts based on passed persons behaviour or predefined security risk behaviours.

Customer loyalty. Commercial behaviour monitoring and analysis.

Business intelligence.Face recognition can also be used to monitor, measure and collect data about people in a specific area to gather priceless intelligence to improve business activities and operations.

Industrial lines flow monitoring. Product quality monitoring. Personnel security and behaviour monitoring.

Detect annotate and structure data in media related to persons, behaviour and particular events.

Being able to search for specific persons,location or behaviour with a google like engine. Dynamic person recognition and shot lists generation.

Our services

Custom Software development for your Multi Media Data Mining needs.

Custom Development

Custom Software and Data Mining Modeling to fit your needs

Mobile Solutions

Access your application everywhere.

Behaviour Analysis and Statistics

Custom statistics and reports.
Live alarm messages.

Image and Video Analysis

Person and object detection.
Multiple Location person tracking and Behaviour Analysis.

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Meet the team

Ivan Jacobs

Ivan Jacobs


Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Deep Learning passionate.

Chee Bin Tay

Chee Bin Tay


Strategic planning, conceptualization, business development

Aram Hovsepyan, PhD

Aram Hovsepyan, PhD


Specialized in building custom cooked software systems by explicitly focusing on quality.

Kyaw Swuan Yee

Kyaw Swuan Yee


Driven by a passion that business is the way to eradicate poverty.

Egide Bangala

Egide Bangala


Business Development

Zornitsa Penkova

Zornitsa Penkova


Marketing and Communication

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5 Team Members
29k+ Frames treated
+35 Custom applications


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